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Wall Street

Making Wall St. Loopholes Great Again

April 29, 2017 /

by Sarah Anderson


by Jon Green

The public faces of President Trump's tax plan, Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin, are poster boys for Wall Street tax-dodging. Wall Street had a bang-up week in Washington. Two of...

Building on the April Tax Marches

April 20, 2017 /

by Luisa Galvao

Grassroots activists are taking the tax justice fight to Goldman Sachs, demanding that Wall Street start paying its fair share. As the deadline to mail checks to the IRS approached,...

Trump Era Fight on Financial Abuse

April 13, 2017 /

by Sarah Anderson

A Wall Street reform organizer is encouraged by a surge of activism to protect consumers, including low-income families, students, and African-Americans who are major users of unregulated prepaid debit cards.

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