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Sustainability Squared

February 5, 2014 /

by Polly Cleveland

We already have the necessary technology — technology that can create more and better jobs How can the world attain a decent, sustainable lifestyle, one that doesn’t wreck our land,...

Taxing Carbon is Like Taxing Diamonds

September 21, 2013 /

by Polly Cleveland

To reduce carbon emissions, we must tax fossil fuels—but, say the pundits, we can’t do so because the tax would be regressive, clobbering the poor. In general, sales taxes are...

Planet CEO vs. Planet Worker

November 18, 2010 /

by Chuck Collins

Remember the Great Recession? For most Americans, it's an unforgettable nightmare that lives on. But for the CEO's of some of our nation's biggest companies, it's a distant memory. These...

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