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New IPS Report: Billionaire Bonanza

December 2, 2015 /


Wealthiest 20 people own more wealth than half the American population. By Chuck Collins and Josh Hoxie "Billionaire Bonanza," a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies, exposes the...

A Tale of Two Retirements

October 29, 2015 /


100 CEOs have as much in retirement assets as 41 percent of all American families. By Scott Klinger and Sarah Anderson  This report, co-published by the Institute for Policy Studies...

Executive Excess 2015: Money to Burn

September 3, 2015 /


This report reveals how our CEO pay system rewards executives for deepening the global climate crisis. By Sarah Anderson, Sam Pizzigati, and Chuck Collins This report reveals how our CEO...

World Bank Chooses Wrong Indicator

May 20, 2015 /

by Nick Galasso

In a world with rising inequality, the World Bank should do a better job of measuring 'shared prosperity.' By Nick Galasso This piece is an adaptation of Nick’s recent article...

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