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From Occupy Protests to the Platforms


A lawyer-activist reflects on the significance of both the Democratic and Republican Party platforms echoing the Occupy Wall Street call for Glass-Steagall reinstatement.

Organizing in a Brave New World


By demanding more instead of accepting less, and aligning campaigns against the billionaires at the top, labor can inspire and organize a movement dedicated to redistributing wealth and power.

Numb to the ‘Economic Recovery’

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 1.39.39 PM

African American and Latino households still haven’t recovered to pre-recession levels, another sign of the growing racial wealth divide.

Taking on America’s Prison Profiteers

Louisiana criminal justice activist Grace Bauer-Lubow

Should we let “entrepreneurs” get rich locking up kids? Not with my child, says Louisiana criminal justice activist Grace Bauer-Lubow, not with any child. She’s fighting to stop prison privatization.

A Real People’s Champion in Maine


Rising progressive star Ben Chin, the political director of the feisty Maine People’s Alliance, has some important lessons to share with activists working for a more equal America.

Airport Workers Worldwide Are Uniting

airport workers - bigger

With global airlines registering record profits, unions around the world have formed a new organization to fight the airline industry’s cost-cutting culture and gain justice for airport workers.

Swimming Against the Loan Sharks


A proposal to crack down on predatory lending in the United States has sparked a showdown between the lucrative payday loan industry and activists fighting to end the debt trap.

Brexit: Eye of the Maelstrom


Hillary Clinton should respond to the British crisis by moving beyond critical rhetoric and adopting serious remedies that tackle neoliberalism’s legacy of inequality, economic insecurity, and loss of hope.

The Spanish Left’s Anti-Inequality Plan

Pablo Iglesias, leader of Spain's Podemos Party.

Despite disappointing election results, Podemos party leader Pablo Iglesias has had an impact on his country’s political landscape and vows to continue to fight to reverse extreme inequality.

The Brexit Vote and Inequality


The head of international relations at the British labor federation explains the implications for workers of leaving the European Union.

Blogging our Grand Divide

Mike Pence’s Partners on Climate

Trump’s running mate is part of a Clean Power Plan opposition network that tax-dodging utilities companies have helped fund.

In Brazil, a Pre-Olympics Folly

No one will ever run the 100-meter dash in less than five seconds. And no one, Brazil’s story suggests, will ever end poverty while ignoring grand fortune.

The American Dream Moved to Canada

We’re witnessing accelerating advantages for the affluent and compounding disadvantages for everyone else.

Lessons in Viking Economics

George Lakey’s new book, Viking Economics breaks down how the Nordic countries achieved their high standard of living and lower inequality.

Big Headlines for a Tiny Wage Hike

Billionaire banker Jamie Dimon says he’s fighting inequality. If we take him seriously, the joke — and much worse — will be on us.

Our Racial Wealth Gap Is No Accident

For the first time, Democrats are acknowledging America’s deep racial wealth gap — and the policies that created it.

Working While Black

Unless people of color can earn a living wage, we are doomed to eternal inequality.

For Democrats, a Platform Turnaround

The pending new Democratic Party platform rejects the insensitivity to inequality that has oozed through the party’s platforms over recent years.

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Twin Peaks Planet

Between our world’s twin peaks — the ever-richer global elite and the rising Chinese middle class — lies what we might call the valley of despond: the stagnating incomes of the advanced-country working classes. (source)

The Rise and Rise of the Top 0.1 Percent

New research unveiled in 2014 has solved the puzzle in our statistics on economic inequality. (source)

World’s 400 Richest Add $92 Billion in 2014

The globe’s 400 wealthiest billionaires are ending the year worth a combined $4.1 trillion, an average $10.3 billion each. (source)