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How Our Inequality Corrupts Success


In any society where great stashes of wealth amass at the top, philosopher Elizabeth Anderson reminds us, the wealthy will sooner or later come to see most of the rest of us as failures.

Making 64 Cents for Every Dollar


On Black Women’s Pay Equity Day, experts weigh in on income inequality for African-American women. Today, a black woman makes just 64 cents on the dollar earned by a white man.

How Big Business Cheats Education


Corporations have reaped trillion-dollar benefits from sixty years of public education in the United States, but they’re skipping out on the taxes meant to sustain the educational system.

Five Steps to Privatizing Everything

Credit: Common Dreams

At the heart of privatization is a disdain for government, a distrust of society, and a mindless individualism that leaves little room for cooperation. Here are 5 steps that lead to privatization.

How America Is Failing Its Schools


To address the problems in American education, we must address the crisis of economic inequality in this country. The real crisis in our schools is inequality, not poor teachers or administrators.

The Rise of the Underground Economy


An underground economy that exploits workers, damages public investments, and cheats consumers has expanded in the wake of labor unions’ downfall. The only response is a revitalized labor movement.

True Ownership Does a Company Good

Credit: The Atlantic

When a company is truly owned, the owners have incentives to care about their reputation, their workforce, the quality of their products, and the health of the communities in which they operate.

The Times, They Are a Changin’


From Presidential hopefuls across the political spectrum to a handful of millionaires and even billionaires, everyone is pushing the critical issue of income and wealth inequality onto center stage.

Are U.S. Charter Schools Fraudulent?

Credit: LA Times

While there’s little difference in the overall performance of charter schools and public schools, charters are riddled with fraud and marked by a lack of transparency that leads to even more fraud.

Getting Beyond Shop-Til-We-Drop


Inequality has our planet down, the veteran analyst Juliet Schor believes, but not out. She’s seeing more of us working for alternatives to mindless consumerism — and the failing system that generates it.

Blogging our Grand Divide

India Spotlights Corporate Pay Ratios

In India, major corporations now have to disclose their CEO and median worker pay. U.S. corporations may soon have to finally follow suit.

Bernie’s Missed Opportunity

To move his campaign forward, Bernie Sanders should focus on environmental justice.

Is Wall Street Pay Too High?

Let’s rein in Wall Street pay before the high-flying gamblers drive us back to the brink.

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Twin Peaks Planet

Between our world’s twin peaks — the ever-richer global elite and the rising Chinese middle class — lies what we might call the valley of despond: the stagnating incomes of the advanced-country working classes. (source)

The Rise and Rise of the Top 0.1 Percent

New research unveiled in 2014 has solved the puzzle in our statistics on economic inequality. (source)

World’s 400 Richest Add $92 Billion in 2014

The globe’s 400 wealthiest billionaires are ending the year worth a combined $4.1 trillion, an average $10.3 billion each. (source)