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An Embarrassing Child Poverty Ranking


A new UNICEF report has the United States, still the world’s richest nation, lagging behind countries like Turkey and Slovakia on efforts to significantly reduce childhood deprivation.

Inequality at the Heart of Verizon Strike

strike sign cropped

A veteran lineman reports from the picket line on the telecom workers’ stand against corporate greed. What can’t the Verizon CEO, he wonders, make do on just $25,000 per day?

How to Peacefully Redistribute Wealth


To narrow the vast economic gaps that divide us, we can’t just tax billionaire paychecks. We need to begin seriously taxing the enormous wealth billionaires have already amassed.

Inequality Will Not Fix Itself


America’s wealth concentration has increased tenfold since Bill Clinton first ran for president. In twenty years will it grow tenfold again? Maybe, but we still have time to make our future appreciably more equal.

Blocking Wall Street’s Revolving Door

Lazard's annual meeting took place at the Elbow Beach Hotel in Bermuda.

At a surreal meeting in Bermuda, the AFL-CIO got 40 percent of Lazard shareholders to support a ban on “golden parachutes” for bank executives who go to work for financial regulators.

Let’s ‘Predistribute’ the Wealth


Chobani CEO’s decision to distribute partial ownership to employees bucks the trend of ever-growing income and wealth inequality. He’s giving workers a stake in a company valued over $3 billion.

Redefining the Possible for Labor


Our best weapon to combat wealth inequality remains a strong union contract. Jobs with Justice organizing director Erica Smiley looks at the new strategies helping labor regain power at the bargaining table.

A New Blast at an Entrenched Elite


Thomas Frank’s new book offers a must-read on how the Democratic Party lost interest in addressing inequality. The party of the working class has evolved into the party of the professional class.

The Faltered Dreams of Two Rebellions

young girl and freddie gray

This April marks the anniversary of two insurrections in Baltimore, one in 1968, the other just last year. What do these two events tell us about the state of racial equality in the United States today?

Should We Tax Wealth and Not Profits?


Yes, we need a wealth tax, but not at the expense of taxing corporate and investment profits. If we relied exclusively on a wealth tax and a tax on income from labor, our taxes would be more regressive.

Blogging our Grand Divide

Onshore Tax Havens

American elites don’t have to go to Panama to hide their money — they can go to Delaware.

Dr. Billionaire, Meet Dr. Salk

Can we conquer disease without concentrating wealth in a precious few pockets? Not-so-distant history offers a clear and encouraging answer.

BlackRock Shareholder CEO Pay Fight

Sarah Anderson’s report for The Nation on the showdown at BlackRock over the dark role the Wall Street money manager plays in our nation’s CEO pay problem.

Worker-Owned Firms to Rival Chobani

Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya made headlines transferring partial ownership to his employees. Here are five other companies in the food business doing right by their workers.

Clueless CEOs at the Top

How clueless can you be? Our imperial CEOs need a little populism 101. Here are a few clues on what the populist public is demanding.

Punishing Corporate Greed. Slightly.

A coal baron’s prison sentence could be a wake-up call for corporate execs. Even they do not sit above the law.

The Beatles and the Reagan Revolution

On this month’s 50th anniversary of one of the all-time edgiest Beatles tracks, our super rich have a personal reason to look back fondly on the lads from Liverpool.

Four Common Tax Confusions

Quick come-backs to the regressive tax rhetoric you hear on the radio and around the dinner table.

Our top reads

Twin Peaks Planet

Between our world’s twin peaks — the ever-richer global elite and the rising Chinese middle class — lies what we might call the valley of despond: the stagnating incomes of the advanced-country working classes. (source)

The Rise and Rise of the Top 0.1 Percent

New research unveiled in 2014 has solved the puzzle in our statistics on economic inequality. (source)

World’s 400 Richest Add $92 Billion in 2014

The globe’s 400 wealthiest billionaires are ending the year worth a combined $4.1 trillion, an average $10.3 billion each. (source)