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Income for Me, Wealth for We


We all contribute to the creation of wealth. Yet we let the wealth created settle in the pockets of a few. A simple but fundamental change in the source of our tax revenue could help change all that.

The Real Secrets to Grand Fortune

2013-10-09 London, UK -- HR 50 Fall Summit 2013 -- Copyright © 2013 Daniel Zihlmann Photographer. All rights reserved. -- Mandatory Credit DANIELZIHLMANN.COM --

The moneymaking techniques today generating mega millions, global business analyst Sam Wilkin is wittily making plain, almost all rest on schemes for subverting honest market competition.

6 Facts About Corporate Tax Avoidance

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The facts on state-by-state corporate tax avoidance reveal that people across the country are losing revenues that should be going to education and infrastructure. Here are 6 of the most painful facts.

How to Make Bad Jobs Good 101


Current reminiscing about the “good” factory jobs of yesterday is actually a nostalgia for the working conditions and pay made possible by decades of workers’ struggle.

Popes, Post-Partisanship, and Prisons

Pope Francis talks with a group of children in the sanctuary of the Virgin of Charity of Cobre, in El Cobre, Cuba, Monday, Sept. 21, 2015.

On one issue, there just might be enough of an opening that a pontifical prayer could create real progress: mass incarceration and the abuse suffered by our prisoners and incarcerated youth.

Fair Housing in an Unfair Society

Amid our stark disparities of wealth and power, we need to do more than prohibit and penalize discrimination. Flickr/Abbey Hambright

In unequal communities, phenomena like gentrification are forcing us to rethink principles of social change. Amid stark wealth disparities, we need to do more than prohibit discrimination.

Executive Excess 2015: Money to Burn


The 22nd annual Executive Excess report from the Institute for Policy Studies reveals how our CEO pay system rewards oil, gas, and coal executives for deepening the global climate crisis.

In Search of Our First Trillionaire


No 13-digit fortune has yet appeared on our horizon. But if we wait until we get close enough to see one, warns veteran tax attorney and activist Bob Lord, we may find our plutocracy set in concrete.

Why Black Men Run From the Police


A good, hard look at the statistics will tell you why African Americans have reason to fear an encounter with police.

Poor and Black People Still Left Behind

New Orleans seven years after Katrina

When President Obama arrives in New Orleans today, he will face a reckoning with his promises to help rebuild and restore the city. The city’s poor and black populations still await their recovery.

Blogging our Grand Divide

Do We Need a Maximum Wage?

The new leader of the UK Labour Party is talking about capping income. Most Americans might be surprised to know that FDR did, too.

Gender Pay Gap Drives Inequality

The persistent pay gap between men and women is a key driver of economic inequality today.

On Privilege and Persecution

In our deeply unequal world, we abound with inequalities that deeply corrode our public life and civility.

Making America Work for Workers

This Labor Day, remember the millions of Americans who don’t know the next time they’ll get called in to their jobs.

Remember the American Dream?

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are stark representations of the fork in our national road.

Shielding Wall Street From Bigotry

Perhaps Phil Gramm could run a telethon to support ex-executives shamed for their fat retirement packages.

Do the Rich Rule America?

Our campaign finance system isn’t just sending us toward a new Gilded Age — it’s a new Platinum Age.

Who Will Care for Grandma?

Greedy CEOs are pitting elderly Americans against the workers who care for them.

A U.S. Pay Ratio Disclosure Victory!

The federal Securities and Exchange Commission has just given Americans an official yardstick for measuring corporate CEO greed.

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Twin Peaks Planet

Between our world’s twin peaks — the ever-richer global elite and the rising Chinese middle class — lies what we might call the valley of despond: the stagnating incomes of the advanced-country working classes. (source)

The Rise and Rise of the Top 0.1 Percent

New research unveiled in 2014 has solved the puzzle in our statistics on economic inequality. (source)

World’s 400 Richest Add $92 Billion in 2014

The globe’s 400 wealthiest billionaires are ending the year worth a combined $4.1 trillion, an average $10.3 billion each. (source)