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Brexit: Eye of the Maelstrom


Clinton should respond to the British crisis by moving beyond critical rhetoric and adopting serious remedies that tackle neoliberalism’s legacy of inequality, economic insecurity, and loss of hope.

The Spanish Left’s Anti-Inequality Plan

Pablo Iglesias, leader of Spain's Podemos Party.

Despite disappointing election results, Podemos party leader Pablo Iglesias has had an impact on his country’s political landscape and vows to continue to fight to reverse extreme inequality.

The Brexit Vote and Inequality


The head of international relations at the British labor federation explains the implications for workers of leaving the European Union.

More Chobani Capitalism, Please


Sharing the wealth, this open-minded entrepreneur has found, helps make business enterprises more effective. So why not have government contracts do more to encourage that sharing?

Restaurant Workers Deserve $15, Too

one fair wage

In the nation’s capital, restaurant employees have been left out of a newly cut City Council $15 minimum wage deal. They’re now continuing the fight for one fair wage for all workers.

Social Inequality: Seldom Only Social


We need to keep in mind the tangible and ever-present economic consequences of membership in a disfavored minority, all of which almost always lead to far greater economic insecurity.

Putting Class Back in Class Warfare

Sellers Pic

A discussion on the creative resistance of John Sellers, co-founder of the Other 98%, an innovative group working to animate and sustain outrage around economic injustice and climate change.

Restoring Power to the Global 99%

Academic and activist Walden Bello is a former member of the House of Representatives of the Philippines.

A prominent Filipino activist and political leader reflects on the history of global inequality trends and how to take power back from today’s hyper-rich.

Making Wealth Fair


Author of new book, From Here to Prosperity, Tom Burgess explains how to reduce wealth inequality by shifting to a more fair tax code.

Closing in on EU Financial Tax Victory

hillman casino

The international campaign for taxes on financial speculation stands on the brink of a European milestone that could boost momentum for taxing financial transactions in the United States.

Blogging our Grand Divide

America’s Working Poor

A new study dramatizes the struggles of low-wage workers and provides a precise analysis of who these workers are and where they live.

States Not Shy About Taxes

A look at the growing movement for tax fairness at the state level and the states leading the way.

An Inequality Double-Whammy

From new research on the Great Recession, still more evidence that maldistributions of income and wealth really matter.

Must Read: Too Big

A new Public Citizen report provides a blueprint for reining in the Wall Street banks that are too big to fail, too big to jail, and too big to manage.

Unequal States of America

A new report provides an unprecedented peek at income inequality at the city and county level. Look up your area!

The Koch Brothers Cue the Music

A slick new ad campaign from America’s most notorious billionaires is tugging at our heartstrings — and distorting the debate over inequality. The good news? We have a new antidote.

Must Read: Chain of Title

David Dayen’s insightful new book dives into the aftermath of the mortgage meltdown with page-turning real life stories of the activists that fought back.

Shareholders as Super Heroes?

Let’s stop waiting for corporate insiders to fix our growing executive pay mess.

The IRS Witch Hunt

To understand why the IRS is under attack, follow the money.

Policymakers, Listen to Your Hired Help

Our global economy will never become more productive, the developed world’s official economic research agency suggests, if we continue to let wealth concentrate.

Our top reads

Twin Peaks Planet

Between our world’s twin peaks — the ever-richer global elite and the rising Chinese middle class — lies what we might call the valley of despond: the stagnating incomes of the advanced-country working classes. (source)

The Rise and Rise of the Top 0.1 Percent

New research unveiled in 2014 has solved the puzzle in our statistics on economic inequality. (source)

World’s 400 Richest Add $92 Billion in 2014

The globe’s 400 wealthiest billionaires are ending the year worth a combined $4.1 trillion, an average $10.3 billion each. (source)