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Wealth Concentration

Tackling Climate Change Equitably

August 12, 2016 /

by Jorge Villarreal

Climate disruption is inextricably linked to economic inequality. Serious climate solutions must be, too. [caption id="attachment_12301" align="alignright" width="361"] Photo: Friends of the Earth International / Flickr[/caption] This year’s Democratic platform...

Poorer Than Their Parents

July 26, 2016 /

by Josh Hoxie

Young people are set to inherit the unequal economic heritage of their parents. Read the full article at US News and World Report. The promise of market economics is supposed...

The Spanish Left’s Anti-Inequality Plan

June 27, 2016 /

by Oscar Reyes

Despite disappointing election results, Podemos party leader Pablo Iglesias has had an impact on his country’s political landscape and vows to continue to fight to reverse extreme inequality. After weaker...

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