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Wealth Concentration

Gawdy Not Godly: The Forbes 400

December 1, 2015 /

by Josh Hoxie

New study shows striking divide between nation’s wealthiest and the rest of us. [caption id="attachment_9834" align="alignright" width="300"] America’s 20 wealthiest people — a group that could fit comfortably in one...

How Our Inequality Corrupts Success

August 1, 2015 /

by Sam Pizzigati

In any society where great stashes of wealth amass at the top, philosopher Elizabeth Anderson reminds us, the wealthy will sooner or later see most of the rest of us as failures.

The Era of Wealthy Entitlement

April 29, 2015 /

by Paul Buchheit

The real threat of entitlements are those demanded by the very rich. By Paul Buchheit [caption id="attachment_8884" align="alignright" width="300"] As the rich get richer, they're gradually bankrupting the greater part...

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