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Beyond Raising the Minimum Wage

January 18, 2015 /

by Claire Goldstene

In the ongoing struggle for worker justice, we may need a little 19th century wisdom. By Claire Goldstene [caption id="attachment_7932" align="alignright" width="283"] In the 19th century, labor organizers emphasized the...

If It Looks Like Employment, It Probably Is

November 13, 2014 /

by David Bensman

The day is dawning when misclassified workers will regain the rights and privileges of employment. By David Bensman [caption id="attachment_7443" align="alignright" width="300"] Misclassifying workers as independent contractors saves employers about...

The Affordable Care Act Will Raise Wages

February 8, 2014 /

by Polly Cleveland

According to New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio, “If we’re subsidizing companies, we have every right to demand a living wage for the people they pay.” He’s referring to conventional Democratic...

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