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Blogging Our Great Divide

New developments on the inequality front? Our Institute for Policy Studies editorial team tracks them here.

A Tax Town Hall

October 31, 2017 /

by Sarah Anderson

Rep. Jayapal of Seattle is among the leading progressive Democrats working to educate constituents about a fast-moving Republican tax plan.

This Year’s Real Halloween Horror

October 25, 2017 /

by Bob Lord

The family that has made billions off trick-or-treat candy has gone generations without paying any appreciable tax on its enormous fortune. And the Trump tax plan, if adopted, would ax a huge chunk of the tax on the family’s income!

Bargains in the Clouds

October 13, 2017 /

by Sam Pizzigati

The deals on luxury private jets have never been sweeter. The reality of what that means — for the rest of us — could hardly be more bitter.

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