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Blogging Our Great Divide

New developments on the inequality front? Our Institute for Policy Studies editorial team tracks them here.

What’s Killing White Folks?

March 27, 2017 /

by Josh Hoxie

New study points to rising hopelessness as a major driver of the declining health and life expectancy of working class white Americans. White people in the United States are dying...

Seattle Takes on the Trump Budget

March 24, 2017 /

by Sample Author

A new campaign is rising up to “Trump-proof Seattle” with innovative city-level solutions to the deep problems created by the administration’s proposed budget cuts.

Underwater Nation

March 22, 2017 /

by Chuck Collins

While billionaires get richer, most Americans lack the cash reserves to get through hard times. Are you or a loved one having trouble staying afloat? You’re truly not alone. While...

Immigrants Pay More Than Fair Share

March 16, 2017 /

by Josh Hoxie

Despite constant bashing in the media and from the White House, undocumented immigrants actually pay more towards the public good than the wealthy.  It’s hip these days to pick on...

4 Charts That May Make You Scream

March 16, 2017 /

by Sarah Anderson

New Wall Street bonus numbers reveal how these payouts have far outpaced the rise in the federal minimum wage — and how this in turn has contributed to race and...

A Window Into Trump’s Tax Returns

March 15, 2017 /

by Chuck Collins

A leaked document shows Trump’s own tax proposals would’ve drastically reduced his 2005 IRS payment.   Rachel Maddow has broken a blockbuster story with an exclusive interview with David Cay...

Why Not Fix Early Child Care?

March 9, 2017 /

by Josh Hoxie

A new book offers serious solutions to the deep divide in access to affordable early child care and education. The patchwork of programs currently in place to help parents balance...

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