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Blogging Our Great Divide

New developments on the inequality front? Our Institute for Policy Studies editorial team tracks them here.

Inequality Makes Us Sad

May 12, 2017 /

by Josh Hoxie

The Great Recession, a new study shows, has driven the sharpest decline in reported happiness since researchers started collecting consistent data.

Must Watch: Against All Odds

May 3, 2017 /

by Josh Hoxie

A new film documents the struggle of black families to gain — and retain — middle class status in the face of a deep-seated systemic racism. Hollywood typically depicts America’s...

On the Moral Burden Economists Bear

April 28, 2017 /

by Josh Hoxie

A provocative speech implores mainstream economists to recognize the need for a new approach to understanding rising economic inequality.  Economists need to stop pretending what they do rates as a...

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