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Sheila Kennedy

Indiana: A Snapshot of Inequality

September 8, 2016 /

by Sheila Kennedy

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence calls Indiana ‘a state that works.’ The facts tell a different story.  Let me start with a few facts that should “afflict the comfortable”...

Are Basic Income Proposals Crazy?

August 8, 2016 /

by Sheila Kennedy

As proposals for universal basic income gain prominence, it's worth asking if the benefits outweigh the costs to alleviate extreme poverty. As much of the developed world struggles to address the growth...

Social Inequality: Seldom Only Social

June 13, 2016 /

by Sheila Kennedy

We need to keep in mind the tangible and ever-present economic consequences of membership in a disfavored minority. This week has brought us two reminders about how culture and cultural...

An Economy Not Working for Workers

March 29, 2016 /

by Sheila Kennedy

The case for raising the minimum wage in Indiana remains clear and compelling, despite inaction from the state and federal governments.  Sometimes, boring down to specifics can be more illuminating...

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