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On behalf of all of us at the Institute for Policy Studies, I’m pleased to introduce as a new portal for data, analysis, and commentary on wealth and income disparity.

Over the last month, issues of growing inequality seem to have been brought to the fore of U.S. political discourse and, after thirty years of steadily growing inequality, public opinion seems to be shifting.

For the last generation, our society has tolerated high levels of inequality. Opinion polls from a decade ago reflected that as long as people felt the economy was fair, a large majority of people were unconcerned about the levels of concentrated wealth and income in the hands of a few.

But since the economic meltdown in 2008, there has been a change.  More people recognize that we live in a society where rules governing the economy have been tilted in favor of the wealthiest 1 percent.  As the middle class standard of living is collapsing, people are realizing that there is one set of economic rules for the top 1 percent – and another economy for everyone else.

The richest 1 percent of households owns over 35.6 percent of all private wealth, approximately $20 trillion.  This, too, is a dramatic shift from a generation ago.

In the last several months, we’ve witnessed state and federal budget cuts juxtaposed with stories about shrinking tax obligations among the millionaires, billionaires and corporate tax dodgers that have touched a nerve.  Business Week’s cover story for April 15th this year was “The Billionaires Guide to Paying No Taxes.”

So we think it is timely to launch  You’ll see in our section on data and statistics that we have several downloadable chart packs – with the latest data on income and wealth inequality.

We aspire to be the premiere portal for those seeking information on the impact of inequalities. It is time for our nation to address these extreme inequalities that are undermining all that we hold dear.

We want to thank our friends at Demos, particularly Miles Rapaport and former Demos researcher Jim Lardner, for entrusting us with the web domain.  Jim started many years ago as a resource for journalists and we hope to carry forward the amazing work that Demos began.

We are very interested in your feedback so please let us know your thoughts on our new site and what more you’d like to see.  Sign up for our weekly newsletter Too Much that will alert you to many of the important stories and join on Facebook.

We aspire to be the premiere portal for those seeking information on the impact of inequalities. It is time for our nation to address these extreme inequalities that are undermining all that we hold dear.

Joy Zarembka is the interim Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Studies.  She is author of The Pigment of Your Imagination: Mixed Race in a Global Society

  • Jed Diamond

    I’m a researcher who focuses on the impact of stress related health problems and the way stress increases with inequality.  I’m interested in connecting with others who are working in the field.

    • Stefan

      I’m a university student from Toronto, Ontario, and I desire to do research in that field. How did you get in the field? What is your educational background?

  • beelopez

    where is this organization located ?

  • John

    I just found your site through a Google search of “inequality” and am very thankful for it.

    I must admit when the whole political discussion about inequality began I rolled my eyes a little and imagined some Peter Pan communistic ideal about giving to those who do not deserve it.

    I like some animal smelling the wind change ahead of a typhoon knew something is wrong and something big is coming but inequality was just a complaint. Then I noticed the wind pick up and looked a lot closer.

    As an entrepreneur I have never really asked for anything. I simply wanted an equal playing field. We all know that things are not really “equal” and never will be as a natural order of things however when the powers that be move the goal line so that the field is so unequal it is our duty as people to speak up.

    There is a view that there is nothing we can do and moving of the goal lines is okay because all I have to do is adjust and work hard and I will be rich too.

    This is quite frankly a lie. It is a pipe dream in 99% of the cases. It is a bill of goods sold to a people in order to keep the carrot ahead of them so they do not pick up the stick.

    The 1% that does, mostly by luck, reach the goal of financial success knows that better then anyone though they will not say so.

    Again thank you for your work and helping to spread the message though I do think in my honest opinion it will unfortunately take more then words.

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