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Institute for Policy Studies


Together, We Can End Inequality!

Below are campaigns you can support today:

  • Support the Institute for Policy Studies’ campaign, Close the Billionaire Loophole. This campaign aims to put the brakes on concentrated wealth by restoring the estate tax.
  • Support Oxfam’s new campaign, Even It Up. This global campaign focuses on taxing the wealthy, investing in public health and education, and demanding fair wages for all.
  • Support the Robin Hood Tax campaign. This campaign aims to secure a Financial Transaction Tax of less than 1 percent on Wall Street transactions to raise billions in revenue for ordinary people.
  • Support Americans for Tax Fairness, a diverse campaign of national, state and local organizations united in support of a tax system that works for all Americans.
  • Support Jobs with Justice’s campaign, Change Walmart, Change the Economy. This campaign pushes Walmart to reform its business practices to set the stage for changes across the retail sector.
  • Support the National Employment Law Project’s campaign, Raise the Minimum Wage. This campaign puts pressure on federal, state, and municipal lawmakers to raise the minimum wage for all workers.
  • Support Interfaith Worker Justice’s campaign, Paystubs for All Workers. This campaign aims to make it a federal requirement for employers to issue paystubs to all workers as a deterrent against wage theft.
  • Support the Hedge Clippers campaign. This innovative initiative is working to rein in the power of hedge funds to influence government and politics in order to expand their wealth, influence and power.