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Who Cares About the Stock Market?

Ignore all the hyping about Dow 20,000 and other market gyrations. Only the affluent are really benefiting from rising share prices. About 40 percent of all stock belongs to the top 1 percent.

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Why not tax heirs directly?

Children of the ultra-wealthy have opportunities that children born into poor families could never dream of. Access to the very best schools, a ready-made network of influential family friends, interest-free loans — all at their disposal just by virtue of birth. Should these fortunates also not have to pay taxes?

A Viable Billionaire Tax?

New paper makes the case that a global billionaire tax is ethical, good for growth, and could solve a lot of the world’s problems. Oh and politically viable.

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Inequality By Design

New book from veteran researcher Dean Baker looks at the rigged rules that drive wealth to concentrate in fewer and fewer hands from trade policy to patent law and everything in between.

Review: Let My People Go Surfing

Running a profitable company and engaging in sustained activism on behalf of people and the planet is no easy task. Neither is writing a compelling book lighting the way for others to follow. Yvon Chouinard has done both.

Don’t Go To Bowdoin

Malcolm Gladwell challenges firmly held beliefs around social mobility and our education system in a thoughtful, engaging, and wildly popular new podcast.

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