Big corporations don’t always win, as my colleague Sarah Anderson reminds us this week in a new video for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.

Back in 2010, right after the passage of the Dodd-Frank financial reform act, corporate lobbyists went all out to kill a provision in that legislation that requires publicly traded U.S. companies to disclose the ratio between what they pay their CEO and median worker. But we beat them back, and this past month we began to see the first ratio disclosures. 

Del Monte would no doubt prefer that we concentrate on the firm’s famed fruit cups instead. Del Monte, notes Institute for Policy Studies analyst Brian Wakamo, sports the widest pay gap so far disclosed. The company’s CEO took home $8.5 million in 2017. The median Del Monte worker — in Costa Rica — made $5,833. The ratio: 1,465:1! 

We’re likely to see more mind-boggling numbers as corporations continue to disclose their pay gaps. Let’s not let the story end here. It’s time to connect consequences to wide ratios. Let’s make firms pay for devaluing workers and concentrating rewards at the top. 

Chuck Collins, for the Institute for Policy Studies team
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