All year, we’ve been tracking the rants of America’s mega-rich, and last week we put it to a vote: who was the most petulant plutocrat of 2017? Thanks to you, we have an answer: Betsy DeVos, the U.S. secretary of education.

The billionaire ranks as one of the least popular members of Trump’s cabinet and has fielded controversy after controversy during her first year in office. And what a busy year it’s been: her department has rolled back guidance on sexual assault allegations on campus, civil rights protections, and regulations on for-profit colleges — a worthy choice for 2017’s petulant plutocrat.

We may have crowned our plutocrat for the year, but that doesn't mean America's wealthy and the lawmakers they pay are taking a break just yet. Last week, congressional Republicans issued their final version of the tax bill, and it is quite the holiday gift for the country's richest, at the expense of working people. We have more on the bill — and why the final version is even more of a giveaway to the wealthy — in today’s issue.

While we’re taking a short break for the holidays, we’ll continue to track this tax abomination on our site. We’ll be back in your inbox in early 2018. Wishing you all a happy New Year — here’s to hoping it brings more justice and equity for all.

Chuck Collins, for the Institute for Policy Studies team
Keep Tips in the Hands of Servers Who Earn Them
Thea Bryan is a single mother putting herself through graduate school. She spends her days at an unpaid internship for her social work program. At nights, she bartends to support herself, earning most of her income through tips. Sometimes, the pay is lucrative. But around October, her work — and money — started to lag. As it stands, the lack of customers has already had a profound effect on her life. But a new proposal from the Department of Labor could make things much worse for Bryan. Under the proposed rule, she might have to hand those tips — the basis of her income — over to her bosses. co-editor Negin Owliaei has more on the campaign to protect the tips workers earn.
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A Mickey Mouse Rationale for a Greed Grab
Bob Iger, the CEO of the Walt Disney entertainment empire, last week announced his empire’s biggest deal yet: a $52.4-billion takeover of 21st Century Fox. The merger does face one roadblock: Government antitrust regulators must approve it. But Iger can’t see why they wouldn’t. Regulators, he told reporters right after the merger announcement, “should quickly conclude the aim of this combination is to create more high-quality product for consumers around the world and to deliver it in more compelling, innovative ways.” Actually, analysts point out, the merger much more reflects Disney’s need to “bolster its flagging television business” and better “compete against deep-pocketed digital competitors.” And Iger also has a bit of personal stake in seeing the deal go through. The merger with Fox, Bloomberg News reports, will dump an extra $100 million in his pockets. 
In Congress, a Grand Tax ‘Bargain’
In the U.S. Congress, the House and Senate regularly pass different versions of the same basic legislation. They then come together in a “conference committee” to bargain out the differences. These “conference committee” bargaining sessions do what human bargaining has always done. They arrive at a point somewhere between the House position and the Senate position. Capitol Hill observers, naturally, expected the same process to play out on the rich people-friendly GOP tax bills that passed the House and Senate earlier this fall. House and Senate conferees, everyone expected, would come up with a compromise somewhere between the House and Senate positions. The conferees did no such thing. They simply bargained themselves to an even bigger windfall — for America’s rich. co-editor Sam Pizzigati has the details.
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