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Wall Street

Closing in on EU Financial Tax Victory

June 1, 2016 /

by David Hillman

The international campaign for taxes on financial speculation is on the brink of a major European milestone that could further boost momentum in the United States.  [caption id="attachment_11552" align="alignright" width="452"]...

Wall Street as Matter of Life and Death

May 25, 2016 /


For New York City AIDS activist Bobby Tolbert, drug profiteering and tax dodging by financial elites violate basic American values. New York City-based activist Bobby Tolbert is drawing on his...

Fighting for an Alternative to Big Banks

May 19, 2016 /

by Katherine Isaac

Activists are demanding accessible, affordable financial services through the postal system as part of a broader agenda to rein in Wall Street. We’ve heard a lot about Wall Street reform...

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