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Pay Up, Corporate Tax Dodgers

March 15, 2011 /

by Chuck Collins

We're chumps unless we force Congress to stop tax haven abuse. Instead of cutting state and federal budgets, the United States should crack down on the corporate tax dodgers thumbing...

The Fleecing Taxpayers Bait-and-Switch

March 6, 2011 /

by Sam Pizzigati

Lavishly paid corporate executives, flush with tax-deductible taxpayer dollars, have plenty of reason to relish the right-wing assault on 'overpaid' public employees. But we can wipe that grin off their...

Taxes, Transparency, and Our Opaque Opulent

February 26, 2011 /

by Sam Pizzigati

Mega-millionaire residents of Manhattan's finest luxury towers pay less of their income in federal taxes than the janitors in their towers do. Once upon a time, we had a law that discouraged that distinction.

A Tax-the-Rich Lesson Finally Goes Public

December 6, 2010 /

by Sam Pizzigati

The National Archives in Washington, D.C. has just released a once-secret report that helps us understand how incredibly much today's tax structure coddle the wealthiest among us. By Sam Pizzigati...

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