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Racial Wealth Divide

America Needs a New G.I. Bill

September 17, 2014 /

by Sheila Kennedy

A new G.I. Bill would go a long way towards making the lives of poor Americans—and by extension our nation—better.  By Sheila Suess Kennedy There are a number of policy...

Dr. King’s Nightmare: Our Top-Heavy America

January 16, 2014 /


The wealth possessed by America's 400 richest billionaires now equals the collective net worth of all the nation's African-American households. By Bob Lord [caption id="attachment_6053" align="alignright" width="300"] Dr. Martin Luther...

Britain Comes Clean on Slave Fortunes

February 27, 2013 /

by Salvatore Babones

One hundred eighty years after abolishing slavery, the United Kingdom is coming clean about fortunes founded on slave ownership and the slave trade. While it took a bloody civil war...

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