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Racial Wealth Divide

Dethroning Reagan’s ‘Welfare Queen’

December 7, 2014 /

by Sheila Kennedy

The reality of poor Americans' lives is far more complex than cultural stereotypes suggest. By Sheila Suess Kennedy [caption id="attachment_7539" align="alignright" width="166"] Despite evidence to the contrary, the myth of...

Republican Nostalgia for the Gilded Age

November 19, 2014 /

by Claire Goldstene

 Though Republicans often feign nostalgia for the 1950s, they are actually more nostalgic for the Gilded Age. By Claire Goldstene [caption id="attachment_7472" align="alignright" width="300"] At least since Ronald Reagan, the...

Why the Rich Hate Popular Democracy

November 5, 2014 /

by Sheila Kennedy

Genuine democracy not only includes everyone, it's good for everyone. By Sheila Suess Kennedy Paul Krugman has a knack for telling it like it is. His recent column in The...

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