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Racial Wealth Divide

Segregation’s Insidious New Face

March 2, 2015 /


Racial segregation dominated the American residential landscape for generations. We can’t afford, suggests the research of Stanford’s Sean Reardon, to let economic segregation have anywhere near as long a run....

Top 5 Inequality Moments of 2014

January 4, 2015 /

by Betsy Wood

We're now going on 7 years since the 2008 financial crisis made inequality a hot topic for Americans. Looking back on 2014, it's easy to see inequality remains a top...

Accelerating Racial Wealth Inequality

December 13, 2014 /

by Chuck Collins

As protesters march through our cities, a new study dramatizes that at the heart of our racially fractured society is a hidden system of racial wealth inequalities. The marches in...

Dethroning Reagan’s ‘Welfare Queen’

December 7, 2014 /

by Sheila Kennedy

The reality of poor Americans' lives is far more complex than cultural stereotypes suggest. By Sheila Suess Kennedy [caption id="attachment_7539" align="alignright" width="166"] Despite evidence to the contrary, the myth of...

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