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Racial Wealth Divide

Making 64 Cents for Every Dollar

July 30, 2015 /

by Marc Bayard


by Kimberly Freeman Brown

On Black Women's Pay Equity Day, experts weigh in on income inequality for African-American women. By Kimberly Freeman Brown and Marc Bayard This past Tuesday was Black Women's Pay Equity...

The Economics of the New Jim Crow

June 25, 2015 /

by Paul Buchheit

Racism is evolving into an insidious form of quiet economic subjugation. By Paul Buchheit [caption id="attachment_9199" align="alignright" width="300"] Credit:[/caption] In 1931 the New Republic reported on a lynching in...

Depths of Poverty in the Deep South

June 18, 2015 /

by Scott Rodd

The residents of Tchula, Mississippi live with deep poverty that stems from slavery and Jim Crow. By Scott Rodd [caption id="attachment_9145" align="alignright" width="300"] Credit: Scott Rodd, ThinkProgress[/caption] Andrew sat a...

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