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Racial Wealth Divide

The Enduring Racial Wealth Divide

August 10, 2016 /

by Josh Hoxie


by Emanuel Nieves

New report shows stark history of the racial wealth divide and the public policy, both historical and current, that contributes to it. Originally published by Talk Poverty. The U.S. Constitution...

An Ever-Growing Racial Wealth Gap

August 8, 2016 /


Without Change, African-American and Latino Families Won't Match White Wealth for Centuries Racial and economic inequality are the most pressing social issues of our time. In the last decade, we...

Eliminate Profit from Punishment

August 4, 2016 /

by Cedric Lawson

How a black youth-led organization aims to cut the profit flow from mass incarceration into the pockets of the wealthy and the multi-billion dollar security industry. By Cedric Lawson In...

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