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A Journey to the Heart of the Right

September 22, 2016 /

by Chuck Collins

A veteran sociologist argues we should "climb the empathy wall" to understand support for Donald Trump and the tea party. There are many theories and explanations for the rise of...

Mr. Spock Fixes America

August 5, 2016 /

by Chuck Collins

New book, Five Easy Theses, offers straightforward solutions to the nation's most vexing problems.  In Five Easy Theses, Jim Stone traces out his program to address five areas of national...

Lessons in Viking Economics

July 15, 2016 /

by Chuck Collins

George Lakey's new book explains how the Nordic countries have achieved their egalitarian society and high standard of living. For those concerned about reducing inequality, the “Nordic model” is often celebrated...

Must Read: Chain of Title

June 9, 2016 /

by Bob Lord

David Dayen's insightful new book dives into the aftermath of the mortgage meltdown with page-turning real life stories of the activists that fought back.  If you liked Michael Lewis’ The Big Short,...

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