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Legislative Action

Close the Billionaire Loophole

May 12, 2016 /

by Chuck Collins

Nothing signifies the Wall Street corruption of our political system and tax code as much as the “carried interest tax loophole.” Originally published by Other 98. The carried interest loophole...

Steal from Taxpayers, Blame the Poor

June 18, 2015 /

by Paul Buchheit

Millions of Americans are working full-time for such little pay that they must depend on the safety net. By Paul Buchheit [caption id="attachment_9168" align="alignright" width="300"] Credit: Ineteconomics[/caption] It's a vicious...

Where Are the Populist Democrats?

April 22, 2015 /

by Jim Hightower

Hillary Clinton's take on what to do about inequality is weaker than Canadian hot sauce. It’s futile to hope that the GOP’s gaggle of corporate-hugging, right-wing presidential candidates will seriously...

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