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Income Distribution

Unequal States of America

June 17, 2016 /

by Chuck Collins

A new report provides an unprecedented peek at income inequality at the city and county level. Look up your area! Just how unequal is your state, city and county? How...

The Koch Brothers Cue the Music

June 16, 2016 /

by Sam Pizzigati

A slick new ad campaign from America’s most notorious billionaires is tugging at our heartstrings — and distorting the debate over inequality. The good news? We have a new antidote....

Why The Rich Think They Should Rule

January 5, 2016 /

by Claire Goldstene

Donald Trump's presidential campaign personifies the view that wealth should rule. Amid the bellicose racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric that has garnered attention for Donald Trump’s campaign for the 2016 Republican...

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