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From academics to activists, thoughtful people worldwide are focusing their attention on economic inequality as never before.

Our Trickle-Down Achievement Gap

April 18, 2011 /


Growing economic inequality, new research details, is translating into an ever greater achievement gap in America's classrooms. His vitally important central finding: That achievement gap most certainly — and most...

Executive Pay Excess: A New Battlefront

April 17, 2011 /

by Sam Pizzigati

Taxpayers, once again this year, are subsidizing over-the-top CEO pay by the billions. But now on the table: a promising new proposal that encourages corporations to share that excess —...

A Time When Government Never Shut Down

April 11, 2011 /


Did America’s rich 50 years ago live on a different planet? Or reside in some parallel universe? Taxing today’s rich could, of course, help fill these budget shortfalls and avoid...

How Inequality Quite Literally Kills

April 3, 2011 /


Why do we have murders? The “police procedurals” that dominate prime-time TV almost invariably end up blaming deranged delinquents. But the global academic “near consensus,” notes the just-released first Research...

A New Record Hedge Fund Windfall

April 1, 2011 /


The hedge fund industry’s trade journal has just released its annual figures for hedge fund manager earnings. The big winner for 2010: John Paulson. His winnings: the biggest ever, an...

U.S. Wealth: A Second Opinion

April 1, 2011 /


The dust has now settled from the 2008 financial crash. The money, too. The question of the day: In whose pockets? Two sets of researchers have offered answers to that...

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