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From academics to activists, thoughtful people worldwide are focusing their attention on economic inequality as never before.

The Fundamental Problem in the Eurozone

June 6, 2012 /

by Salvatore Babones

The fundamental problem in the eurozone is not the Greek debt crisis.  It's not the undercapitalization of Spanish banks.  It's not the weakness of the Dutch and Italian governments or...

No Child Left Behind — In Finland

May 30, 2012 /

by Salvatore Babones

As graduation season approaches in America, keynote speakers across the land will be holding forth on how education is the key to the future.  Forget the fact that this year's...

The Most Surprising ‘Nay on Pay’ Yet

May 28, 2012 /

by Sam Pizzigati

A perfectly respectable business panel is urging corporate boards to ditch the ridiculous rationalizations for CEO pay excess and narrow the gargantuan corporate pay gap. Step one: end CEO stock...

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