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From academics to activists, thoughtful people worldwide are focusing their attention on economic inequality as never before.

Look Who’s Soured on Economic Inequality

September 16, 2011 /


Mainstream economists all around the world used to assume that equality acted as a drag on economic growth and development. Not anymore. Inequality, a conservative online daily told its readers...

What Taxes Leave People the Happiest?

September 11, 2011 /


People who live in societies where incomes face progressive tax rates, a new study shows, report higher levels of happiness than people who live in flatter tax systems. Two decades...

Plutocracy with a Philanthropic Face

September 10, 2011 /

by Sam Pizzigati

Not all plutocrats scheme in the shadows like the rabidly right-wing Koch brothers. We need to learn how to recognize plutocracy's more subtle putches. The best primer? The battle over...

Corporations Fracking US Tax Code

August 31, 2011 /

by Chuck Collins

CEOs Get Massive Rewards for Dodging Corporate Taxes As the Super Congress eyes trillions in budget cuts that will undermine the quality of life for most Americans, here's a stunning...

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