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From academics to activists, thoughtful people worldwide are focusing their attention on economic inequality as never before.

‘Tis the Season to Shop Tiffany’s

December 24, 2011 /

by Salvatore Babones

Retail sales are up in the top 1 percent's Plutonomy, but down in the Realonomy where the other 99 percent live. By Salvatore Babones The economy is expanding, the unemployment...

Make the Payroll Tax Cut Permanent

December 20, 2011 /

by Salvatore Babones

A basic principle of modern tax theory is that rich people should pay more as a percent of their income than poor people.  The more income you have, the less...

The Best Case Yet for Ending CEO Pay Excess

November 28, 2011 /


An independent British commission has just demolished the defenses that overpaid executives and their flacks have advanced to justify why executives today merit so much more than their counterparts a...

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