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From academics to activists, thoughtful people worldwide are focusing their attention on economic inequality as never before.

Who Won in the Fiscal Cliff Deal?

January 2, 2013 /

by Salvatore Babones

Who won in the fiscal cliff deal? The lawyers won. Well, not just the lawyers. The lawyers, the doctors, the dentists, the middle managers, the advertising executives, the whole MBA...

Government Keeps Us Rich

December 30, 2012 /

by Salvatore Babones

For decades neoclassical economists have asserted the inevitable logic of international convergence. Excess investment flows from rich countries to poor countries while excess labor flows from poor countries to rich...

Public Companies Should Serve the Public

December 18, 2012 /

by Salvatore Babones

Over the past thirty years we've been brainwashed to believe that corporations should serve only themselves.  We have come to accept that they have no responsibilities to anyone other than...

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