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Blogging Our Great Divide

New developments on the inequality front? Our Institute for Policy Studies editorial team tracks them here.

Can Philanthropy Fix Our Inequality?

January 24, 2015 /

by Bob Lord

Billionaire Bill Gates believes the charitable giving of the rich will alleviate inequality. Is he correct? In a blog post not too long ago, Bill Gates criticized Thomas Piketty for...

Top 5 Inequality Ideas in the SOTU

January 22, 2015 /

by Josh Hoxie

The President's speech included policy proposals that would have a big impact on reducing inequality. The buildup to the State of the Union Address included hints that it would include...

Dueling Wall Street Taxes

January 20, 2015 /

by Sarah Anderson

To clamp down on Wall Street recklessness, we need to be taxing both excessively leveraged financial institutions and short-term speculating. Why does the White House see the two taxes as...

A Blue-Ribbon Inequality Blindspot

January 20, 2015 /

by Sam Pizzigati

To save our democracy, a major new report on our grand divide never gets around to recognizing, we need to contemplate our plutocracy. The Commission on Inclusive Prosperity, a project...

Understanding the Trust Fund Loophole

January 19, 2015 /

by Josh Hoxie

The White House is going after the tax code provision that lets the super rich avoid billions of dollars of taxes on their wheeling and dealing [caption id="attachment_7912" align="alignright" width="300"]...

Putting a Price-Tag on Inequality

January 12, 2015 /

by Sam Pizzigati

America’s most typical adults would be three-times richer if the United States distributed wealth as equally as France does. How much does inequality cost the average American family? What price...

America’s Rich: Poor Have It Easy

January 9, 2015 /

by Bob Lord

Here are poll results that are not the least bit surprising: The Washington Post Wonkblog reports that according to a Pew Research Center poll, the majority of America’s most financially...

House Dems Push CEO Pay Reform

January 6, 2015 /

by Sarah Anderson

Right out of the blocks, House Democrats are pushing a tax reform in the 114th Congress that responds to public concerns over the persistently wide gaps between CEO and worker...

The Ever-Shrinking Trillion Dollar Club

January 4, 2015 /

by Bob Lord

A handy yardstick for gauging how rapidly our wealth is concentrating [caption id="attachment_7833" align="alignright" width="266"] Oracle's Larry Ellison and America's 33 other richest billionaires together hold a fortune of over...

Nit-Picking Piketty

January 3, 2015 /

by Chuck Collins

Conservative economists tried to embarrass Thomas Piketty at the American Economic Association annual meeting in Boston. They ended up embarrassing only themselves. The Masters of the Universe have assembled in...

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