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Blogging Our Great Divide

New developments on the inequality front? Our Institute for Policy Studies editorial team tracks them here.

What Obama Can Learn From Scotland

July 16, 2015 /

by Kelsey Clark

As the Scots begin tackling their rising incarceration problem, America should learn from them. A few weeks ago, I walked through the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland, making my way to...

Stalling CEO Worker-Pay Disclosure

July 16, 2015 /

by Sarah Anderson

  Regulators of the Great Depression era could teach their modern-day counterparts a few lessons in how to get things done. Consider, for example, how fast the Securities and Exchange...

Billionaires Declare Tax Independence

July 3, 2015 /

by Josh Hoxie


by Ben St. Clair

The need for a robust tax on inherited wealth has never been greater. As we celebrate our collective history this Fourth of July, we should remember that we live in...

Snake Oil Won’t Cure Inequality

June 25, 2015 /

by Jim Hightower

The GOP's 2016 contenders talk a good game about the wealth gap while making it even bigger. At last, America’s political leaders now feel the pain of the poor and...

Jeb and For-Profit Higher Education

June 25, 2015 /

by Ben St. Clair

Jeb Bush’s troubling connections to for-profit colleges shine light on his priorities. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush’s choice of Miami Dade College for his presidential campaign announcement suggests that addressing...

Red Herring in the Inequality Debate

June 18, 2015 /

by Bob Lord

  It sounds crazy, but a major distraction in our debate about inequality in America today is inequality itself. I’m referring here to the concept of inequality in the abstract....

Inequality in the Digital Economy

June 5, 2015 /

by Sarah Anderson

A new special issue of The Nation brings an inequality frame to our current cyber world. Reams have been written about the implications of our Digital Age for personal privacy....

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