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Claire Goldstene

How to Make Bad Jobs Good 101

September 24, 2015 /

by Claire Goldstene

Whether industrial or service, jobs become “good” only because of coordinated pressure from workers. Current campaigns across the United States to unionize service workers reflect a decades-long transformation, as service-sector employment...

The Rise of the Underground Economy

July 16, 2015 /

by Claire Goldstene

The decline of unions precipitated the rise of the underground economy. By Claire Goldstene  In 2014, slightly over 11 percent of American workers were union members, as compared to 20...

Sanders and Free Market Mythology

June 11, 2015 /

by Claire Goldstene

Bernie Sanders' candidacy has the potential to bust up common mythmaking about the free market. By Claire Goldstene [caption id="attachment_9118" align="alignright" width="300"] Bernie Sanders' campaign is delivering sorely needed truths...

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