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is your online portal to data, analysis, and commentary on income and wealth inequality. You'll find on these pages information and insights that can help you better understand our deeply unequal world — and how we can work to change it. comes to you as a project of the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for Policy Studies.

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Income Inequality

Researchers have many different yardsticks for measuring income — and all of them show a widening gap between the rich and everyone else.

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Wealth Inequality

Researchers can help us gauge how evenly societies distribute the wealth their economies generate. That distribution has grown markedly top-heavy, especially in the United States,.

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Global Inequality

A shockingly large share of the world's wealth has come to rest in the hands of a shockingly small percentage of the world’s population.

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Inequality and Health

How long and how well we live depends to a great degree, the evidence shows, on the level of economic inequality within our societies.

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Racial Economic Inequality

Systematic discrimination against people of color continues to help concentrate wealth at society’s economic summit at the expense of society’s least privileged.

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