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We’re Not Broke, Just Twisted: Extreme Wealth Inequality in America

But we’re not broke. Not even close. The United States of America is awash in wealth. Our corporations are holding record trillions in cash. And overall individual wealth in the United States, the Credit Suisse Research Institute reported this past fall, has risen 23 percent since the year 2000, to $236,213 per American adult. Video produced in concert with a the Institute for Policy Studies report: Unnecessary Austerity, Unnecessary Shutdown.

  • Summer Dew

    This video is physically sickening, I urge every one who reads this site to vote for a democratic, transparent, representative world parliament NOW at We’re in the red zone in every way, please act for planetary rescue from the profit motive’s unquestioning sense of entitlement. And thank you to this website for airing this issue. The most selfish man alive should act for equality in his own best interests if he has any Brain at all!

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