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Rich man, poor man: The gaps are widening at home and abroad, by Neil Peirce

Some American communities are suffering inequality on a scale with cities in developing countries. (source)

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  • Fred Donaldson

    The casino king, who last year managed to give $100 million in bucks for the GOP and affiliates in the 2012 election, owns a lot of quarters.

    In fact, if we loaded a truck using quarters from Sheldon’s wealth, a ton would fill a Dodge Ram truck (like on the Super Bow ad) with some 160,000 quarters. Then we could leave ten feet in front, just in case we had to change the plugs or add oil.

    We could then add another truck with a ton of quarters, lots of fun at the casinos.

    And another truck, and yet another, and another, and more, more from his current fortune.

    This adding would go on and on. Finally, we would have filled 512,500 Silverados, stretching all the way from Philadelphia to Seattle – a vast parade of nearly unending wealth – more than a billion pounds of quarters.

    Meanwhile, most of us are destined to live on nickels and dimes.