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Top Read: The rich want us to believe their wealth is good for us all

If wages reflect merit, why do they seem so arbitrary? Are the richest executives 50 or 100 times better at their jobs than their predecessors in 1980? Are they 20 times more skilled and educated than the people immediately below them, even though they went to the same business schools?

Top Read: How to make top pay fairer

A new report from the UK’s independent High Pay Centre details eight policies to tackle excessive executive pay. On the list: a maximum pay ratio between CEOs and workers.

Top Read: Rich, cynical, and very naive

The super rich depend on government support and action. One prime example: the basic research that produced the information-technology revolution and the firms it has spawned.

Top Read: Inequality, the Flavor of the Month

President Obama’s big campaign against the “defining issue of our time” lasted approximately six months. At least inequality was a flavor of the month. The next president may not even offer it on the menu.

Top Read: The Cooperative Economy

How can we best confront our “medieval level of wealth disparity”? Political economist Gar Alperovitz explores America’s emerging alternative economy.

Top Read: Inequality Is Not Inevitable

Economic and geographic segregation have immunized those at the top from the problems of those down below. Like the kings of yore, they have come to perceive their privileged positions essentially as a natural right.

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