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Top Read: Why Inequality Matters

My Fair London has just released an important new pamphlet that traces the roots of our social, economic, and political dysfunction.

Top Read: Romney and Ryan on Taxes

Under Romney’s tax plan your economic future would be determined the same way it was in 18th century France — primarily by who you picked as your parents.

Top Read: Hollande Faces Questions on Tax Pledge

The newly elected president of France has come under enormous pressure to back down from his campaign pledge to raise his nation’s top tax rate on income over $1 million euros to 75 percent.

Top Read: Politics and Plutocrats: A Parade of Inequality

Imagine if a tree were engineered like the U.S. economy, with half its mass centered in the top 10 percent of its height and 40 percent concentrated in the very topmost branches. Whether redwood or oak, such a tree would be destined to topple. Nature has better sense.

Top Read: Fair versus equal

What we can learn from the emergence of inequality in the archaeological record of fishing at a place called Keatley Creek in British Columbia.

Top Read: New Pew Poll: Rich Greedy, Dishonest, Don’t Pay Enough In Taxes

A just-released poll offers a gold mine of information about contemporary attitudes toward the rich and their fortunes. One example from the new Pew poll: Some 58 percent of Americans say the rich don’t pay enough in taxes, 26 percent say the rich pay their fair share, and 8 percent say the rich pay too […]

Top Read: Half of NZ’s super-rich dodge tax

Those who want tax rates on the rich lowered claim that lowering tax rates on high incomes will discourage tax dodging by the super rich. From New Zealand, more evidence that lower tax rates have no such effect.

Top Read: Your paycheck and the CEO’s, side by side

A profile of the IBM corporate lawyer who helped pave the way for the Dodd-Frank financial reform law provision that requires corporations to reveal the ratio between their CEO and typical worker pay. That provision has yet to be implemented, the victim of a feverish corporate assault.

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