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Top Read: Twin Peaks Planet

Between our world’s twin peaks — the ever-richer global elite and the rising Chinese middle class — lies what we might call the valley of despond: the stagnating incomes of the advanced-country working classes.

Top Read: 12 Days of Christmas Apologies

By the time the billionaire Koch brothers wake up on Christmas morning, the wealth the two men will have accumulated throughout the night could get a room for the night for every one of the 633,000 homeless Americans.

Top Read: The Real Reason Richer People Marry

In the prosperous post-World War II years, with inequality low and stable, marriage rates for rich, poor, and middle class adults ran at similar levels and the proportions of married people reached historic high points for all classes.

Top Read: Too Big to Ignore

The gap between rich and poor has grown so vast that even Fed chief Janet Yellen suggests it verges on un-American.

Top Read: Fleecing Uncle Sam

A growing number of corporations spend more on executive compensation than federal income taxes.

Top Read: High marginal tax rates on the top 1%

Current top marginal tax rates in the United States run lower than would be optimal, and pursuing a policy aimed at increasing them would likely benefit society as a whole, says this new analysis.

Top Read: Americans’ ownership of assets shrinks

In 2000 roughly half of capital gains went to America’s top one-tenth of 1 percent, those making roughly more than $2 million a year. In 2012 this tiny slice of Americans collected a much larger share: 62 percent of capital gains.

Top Read: Stand Up and Fight

Sophisticated campaign targeting and get-out-the-vote operations can’t substitute for the passion, clarity, and vision that motivate Democrats to vote.

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