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What Has Happened to the Public Good?

If we want to solve the most pressing issues of our time, we need to change our national political discourse from one that focuses solely on competition, the market, and the individual, to one that focuses on the value of community, civil society, and the public good.

China’s Third Plenum Endorses the “Decisive” Role of the Market — Unfortunately for China

Making the market “decisive” means that the Chinese government has decided to place profits before people — and even before that previously invincible talisman, economic growth.

The Greek Debt Crisis: What’s Going on in Europe?

As the economic news in the United States gets worse and worse every week, a lot of Americans are saying “at least we’re not Europe.”  To read the press accounts, it sounds like Greece is plunging Europe into a second Great Depression.  Greece is having trouble paying its debts, and many people are worried that […]