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In High Finance, Humming a Happy Tune

The latest annual hedge fund industry compensation stats have power suits smiling — and ordinary mortals worrying about public education’s future. Hedge fund manager billions are reshaping the education public policy debate. The problem: Not everyone shares their vision.

In a Crackpot Economy, Endless Jackpots

By any rational benchmark, hedge fund manager rewards remain positively stratospheric. Back in 2002, a hedge fund manager needed to earn $30 million to enter the hedge fund top 25. In 2011, a downer of a year for hedge fund managers, that entry level stood at $100 million.

The Greek Debt Crisis: What’s Going on in Europe?

As the economic news in the United States gets worse and worse every week, a lot of Americans are saying “at least we’re not Europe.”  To read the press accounts, it sounds like Greece is plunging Europe into a second Great Depression.  Greece is having trouble paying its debts, and many people are worried that […]

A New Record Hedge Fund Windfall

The hedge fund industry’s top trade journal has just released its annual listing of this financial sector’s 25 highest earners. The most stunning stat in this year’s release: a $4.9 billion payoff for 2010’s top hedge fund manager, about a billion over the previous personal hedge fund record.