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China’s Third Plenum Endorses the “Decisive” Role of the Market — Unfortunately for China

Making the market “decisive” means that the Chinese government has decided to place profits before people — and even before that previously invincible talisman, economic growth.

Have the Global Wealthy Become Less Wealthy?

A new World Wealth Report from two major global financial institutions is relating that “dollar millionaires” ended 2011 with a smaller net worth than when the year started. Go back another two years, on the other hand, and the global wealth concentration story completely changes.

Another Homerun for the Walloping Wealthy

Behind last week’s record-smashing $2 billion sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers sits a global economy that’s essentially enriching only the world’s super rich. A new report that tallies the latest stats on global wealth details just how incredibly far that enriching has gone.