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Chuck Collins: Taxing the Wealthy

In this TEDxHampshireCollege talk, Chuck Collins, the director of the IPS Program on Inequality and the Common Good, discusses an economic and moral rationale for increasing taxes on the wealthy.

  • Richard

    Chuck you are free to take all of your excess wealth and give it to the US Government. Put your money where you mouth is. Also Charlie in NH has paid taxes for 30 years to pay for all the infrastructure that you talk about.

    • Tyler Comstock

      If he alone paid higher taxes it wouldn’t make the slightest difference. He is proposing is that everyone in his financial situation pay higher taxes. Freedom from taxes sounds good but we need to recognize that freedom from taxes means freedom to horde wealth. His wealth was not earned in a vacuum but rather built upon a framework created and sustained with the tax revenues of those who came before. If we abolish taxes can we rely on corporations to build and maintain infrastructure? Would it be called a tax if you had to pay to use a private road or hire a private police or fire department? If your neighbor’s house was ablaze and they couldn’t afford a private fire department would you loan them the money or toast marshmallows?

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