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Christopher Pitt

Retirement and the Racial Wealth Gap

January 24, 2017 /

by Christopher Pitt


by Marc Bayard

African-Americans have saved significantly less for retirement than whites, a disparity that reflects the systemic disadvantages many black wage earners face. Welcome to 2017! President Obama has exited the stage,...

The 1% Economy Shatters a Small Town

December 1, 2016 /

by Christopher Pitt

A character-driven tale from Ohio illuminates how a corporate model fixated on funneling profits to wealthy investors laid the foundation for a Trump victory.   In 1947, Forbes magazine hailed...

Voters Gave Workers a Raise

November 9, 2016 /

by Christopher Pitt

In an otherwise dismal election, minimum wage ballot initiatives were a bright spot. We’ll have a full update of inequality-related ballot initiatives up shortly. But with so much bad news,...

Why Inequality Turns Technology Toxic

October 21, 2016 /

by Christopher Pitt

A new book draws from thousands of years of history to show that innovation flourishes in egalitarian settings and is stifled by cut-throat by competition. In The Bleeding Edge: Why...

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