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Shoving CEOs under an Online Microscope

A new labor report reinforces the case for more transparency on the gap between what U.S. CEOs take home and what they pay their workers. The SEC is currently dragging its feet on implementing the new law that requires individual corporations to reveal just how wide that gap has become.

On Wall Street, Still Tis the Season to Be Jolly?

Sam Pizzigati

Wall Street’s power suits aren’t humming along, this December, with all the holiday jingles. Bankers, traders, and law firm partners are quite frankly feeling kind of foul. End-of-year Wall Street bonuses, experts predict, are going to be down from 2010 levels — by as much, on average, as 35 percent. Total 2011 pay for the […]

Plutocracy with a Philanthropic Face

Sam Pizzigati

“Plutocracy” first burst big-time into our national political consciousness in the late 19th century, and the concept still conjures up today, well over a century later, much the same images as way back then. We envision, at any mention of “plutocrat,” some Wall Street banker, his pockets overflowing with greenbacks, or a robber baron industrialist, […]

Remembering the Moment Our CEOs Dug In

Sam Pizzigati

Forty years ago, U.S. corporate honchos saw their power ebbing away — to a ragtag mob of long-hairs and loony social reformers. So they did what corporate honchos always do. They asked for a memo.

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