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A New Gameplan for Taking Down Privatizers

The outsourcing of public services to private go-getters has been concentrating wealth the whole world over. The best answer to that concentration? That just may be new forms of public ownership, suggests a new global survey of alternatives to privatizing.

Why Cupid Seems to Be Missing More Often

Those arrows aren’t hitting their lovelorn targets the way they once did. The reason? Sociologists and economists are pointing to our growing economic divide. In our stressful, deeply unequal times, love and marriage are fast becoming the equivalent of luxury goods.

From Inequality, We Can’t Take a Vacation

What more vivid symbol of the indignity our contemporary corporate-driven inequality imposes than the Carnival Triumph. Thousands of people adrift, going nowhere in a nightmare of sewage and stench, while a billionaire chief executive sits far away in a courtside seat and cheers.

The Tiny Tax that Terrifies Wall Street

Sam Pizzigati

Robin Hood would not be happy if he happened upon our incredibly top-heavy modern world. But the new campaign to levy a tax on speculative trading would most certainly have him smiling.

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