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A $2.8 Trillion Prescription for Global Renewal

An eloquent new call for a more egalitarian global future.

Humanity, the London advocacy group Share the World’s Resources notes in its new gameplan for a more equal international order, “is now facing what can only be described as a global emergency.”

Some 40,000 people a day are dying from poverty, the group details in the just-published report Financing the global sharing economy, and austerity regimes are only compounding the world’s suffering.

What do we need to counter these trends? Nothing less, this new report argues, than a “wholesale reform of the world economy.”

To start that process, Share the World’s Resources thoroughly details 10 practical steps that “could harness over $2.8 trillion each year to reverse policies of economic austerity, prevent life-threatening deprivation, and mitigate the human impacts of climate change.”

The first step: taxing financial speculation.

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